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Joan Harvey
Bookkeeper / Payroll Specialist

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Joan is our payroll and bookkeeping specialist. She has more than 40 years of experience in the field of accounting. She worked for a CPA in Topeka for more than 30 years where she did a lot of bookkeeping, data entry, and tax return assembly & review. Joan remembers when the tax returns were written in pencil and mailed in and the excitement of their offices first fax machine. She has been with us at the Accounting Center since June 2014 and says it is the best place in the world to work. We know how lucky we are to have Joan’s experience and personality in our office.

Joan has been married to Russell for 40 years! They live in Hoyt, Kansas and have two children. Amber and her husband Alan live in Topeka and have one daughter, Kaya. And her son Jeremy, and wife Shelley have two children, Indi and Oliver. She is very close to her daughter and loves spending time with her grandkids.


Who inspires you: Karen – she is the best boss ever!

Would you rather be 20 minutes early or 10 minutes late: 20 minutes early.

How do you relax after a long day: Good dinner and TV/Movie

Favorite movie: Caddyshack

Favorite scent: Bread Baking

Favorite drink: Fresh tomato juice

Irrational fear: Turtleneck sweaters

Worst food: Jell-O

Best day on the calendar: April 16th, when tax season is over.

Coworkers say: Joan is thorough, honest and reliable. She is friendly, helpful, and super knowledgeable.